Lencomotion audio MC1 SUT


The MC1 SUT is built using Lundahl LL9226 transformers, mounted in a special damping compound. Wiring is point-to-point using solid silver wire, and high silver content solder. The SUT can be built in a number of configurations which will suit any low output MC cartridge with an output of 0.17mV or greater.



The lencomotion audio MC1 SUT uses Lundahl LL9226 transformers which are mounted in a special damping compound. This compound isolates the transformers from external vibration, as well as, damping any internal vibrations from the transformer coils. Wiring is point-to-point using our four-nines solid silver wire, sleeved in Teflon tubing, and using high silver content solder for all joints.

The SUT can be built with a variety of cartridge loadings and gain options (14db, 20dB and 26dB), including a switched option allowing the selection of three different load settings, or to select between two different gain settings (20dB or 26dB).

The basic configuration provides 26dB of gain with a reflected impedance (loading) of 118 ohms. This suits the Denon DL-103/103r well with its recommended loading of 100 ohms, or greater. If a different cartridge loading, or gain, is wanted, then this can be configured during the SUT build.

The SUT has been tested with a range of other MC cartridges with excellent results. The lencomotion SUT is a great match for any low output MC cartridge with an output of 0.17mV or greater.


Following an order, we will contact the customer to discuss the gain and loading options prior to building the unit. As each SUT is custom built to the clients specification, there is a 5-day lead time from placing an order to shipping.


Specifications: (standard build)

Ratio: 1:20

Gain: 26dB

Construction: Amorphous strip core with Mu metal can

Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50kHz +/- 1dB

Reflected impedance: 108 ohm

Optimal load (phonostage): 47 kohm

Additional information


Standard, 3-pos loading switch


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