Pure silver litz headshell leads


Every wire is made of 3 cores of 5N Pure Silver wires , litz construction for a cleaner sound. Every 5N Pure Silver wire is 7 strands and each strand is 0.1mm thick pure silver, with a thin enamel coating.

Terminals are phosphor copper and silver plated for good electrical conductivity and non-allergy reaction. Each terminal end is wrapped in color coded shrink tubing. Terminals are hand soldered. Color-coded heat shrink is used at the cartridge end, black heat shrink at the head shell end.

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Connects most cartridge to headshell, Designed for diameter 1.20~1.30mm pins on cartridge or headshell (which is what all standard mount cartridges utilise)
Size: 2 inches (50mm) long with female connector sockets on each end

Mount on cartridge according to the color of shrink tubing:
BLUE = LG (left ground)
GREEN = RG (right ground)
WHITE = L (left positive)
RED = R (right positive)



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