El Coto MkII silver interconnect


The ´El Coto MkII´ are made from 3 solid cores of 99.99% pure silver wire. Sleeved in over-sized Teflon tubing, hand braided, and sleeved in our special ´acoustic damping´ sleeving. Terminated with Silver Plated Tellurium Copper RCA phono plugs using high silver content solder. A audiophile cable at an affordable price.



Three cores of 0.4mm diameter 99.99% pure silver conductors in a larger diameter Teflon tubing, providing an excellent air dielectic. These cores are then hand braided to the required length, and then covered in our special ´acoustic damping´ sleeving.

The MkII cables are terminated with our highest quality, silver plated, tellurium copper RCA phono plugs. These RCA connectors have been designed to deliver unmatched conductivity. For comparison the majority of  connectors on the market use gold plated brass, or bronze, having a conductivity index (IACS) 56% against the 98/99% for Tellurium Copper. Phono plug connections are made using high quality, high silver content solder.


Take your listening experience to the next level with the El Coto MkII interconnects.

Additional information

cable length

1.0m, 0.5m


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