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Custom cables

We often get asked if we make cables to custom lengths, and we are more than happy to do so. The only proviso is that the requested cable falls within a specification range we think is acceptable. We are talking here about impedance, capacitance and noise rejection. There is no point building a cable which won’t live up to a customers expectations.

The cable pictured above is a special order for a client. It’s just under 4m in length, and will be used to connect a phono stage to the system amplifier. Over this distance the line level out of the phono stage is high enough to deal with the characteristic of the coaxial cable we used in its construction. This cable offers a good compromise between keeping impedance and capacitance low, as well as, offering a good level of noise rejection.

Anyone interested in having custom cables built should contact us, either by email, or using the contact form on the site.

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Stock update: RC spark suppression filter

We are currently out of stock of this popular suppression filter. Our supplier has had the part on back-order for the past month so we have been unable to replenish our stock.

However, we have just been notified that the supplier has received a new shipment, and we should be getting more stock shortly after Christmas. As it´s the holiday season we haven´t got a firm delivery date, but we hope to have the filters available by the end of next week.

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tonearm cables are now back in stock

After a long wait we have finally received our tonearm DIN connectors. A new batch of El Cid MkII cables are being assembled with the added option of your choice of phono plugs. We are offering termination with either Amphenol, RC85S, or our RC90Splugs. We hope to have pictures of the updated cables in the shop over the next couple of days.

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Tonearm cables and silver wire – stock update!

As some of you may have noticed we have been out of stock of both our 5-pin DIN tonearm cables, as well as, our four nines solid silver wire for tonearm rewiring. The DIN connector we use on our tonearm cables became uneconomic from our original source, and we were forced to find another supplier. Luckily we succeeded, and new stock will be arriving any day now.

The 99.99% solid silver wire was no longer available from our supplier and, until recently , there were no suitable alternatives. However, they now have a replacement which is similar but with the added benefit of being gold plated. So, any day now we expect to have 99.99% 0.2mm double silk wrapped, gold plated, solid silver wire back in stock. As before it will be available as part of a rewiring kit, or to be purchased by the meter. Unfortunately, this new wire is more expensive so prices will be going up to reflect this.

Both items should be available again in our shop within the next couple of weeks.