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Our new El Cid interconnect, the MkIII

We are pleased to announce our new improved, and updated, El Cid cable. This is our entry level cable, and offers exceptional performance and value. We are confident that the new El Cid MkIII can compete with cables significantly more expensive, offering exceptional sound and build quality.

This new cables uses the same high grade, low capacitance coax, with silver plated copper wire and shielding. The new MkIII now comes as standard with our ‘acoustic damping’ sleeving. We have also upgraded the connectors, using our ‘audiophile grade’ RC85S phono plugs. These plugs offer low impedance in addition to exceptional mechanical connectivity. As with the original El Cid cables, all joints are made using high silver content solder.

We truly believe that the improvements made to the El Cid have taken the MkIII to a new level. In our opinion, these interconnects offer unmatched quality, and performance, in this price range.


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