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Phono plugs and an ´El Coto´ upgrade

One of the biggest problems when building affordable audio interconnects is finding good quality RCA phono plugs for terminating the cables. There are a number of good economy plugs available, such as the Neutrik REAN, and Amphinol However, look above this level, and the offerings rise quickly in price, and the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

We have been searching for a good quality, mid-level, phono plug to upgrade our El Coto silver interconnect. The Neutrik plugs, while good, really were the weak point with this offering. Silver provides excellent conductivity, and to make the best use of this, the phono plugs also needs to provide a good index of conductivity. Solid silver would be the best, but prohibitively expensive. A close second, and much more affordable, is tellurium copper with a conductivity index (IACS) of 98/99%. Compare this to brass, or bronze with an index of 56%, and you can see the significant improvement over the Neutrik, and Amphenol plugs.

We now have two different phono plugs using tellurium copper. Our top of the range plug, the RC90S, is silver plated with an anodised aluminium body, and can be found on our El Coto MKII interconnects. The more economical RC85S has gold plated contacts, and features a POM/anodised aluminium body. This plug now features on our upgraded EL Coto interconnects.

The RC90S phono plug found on our El Coto MkII interconnect


El Coto interconnect with new RC85S phono plugs

As well as offering these RCA phono plugs on our top of the range cables, we are now offering these for sale our shop. The plugs are supplied in pairs, and supplied with a quantity of high silver content solder, so you can ensure the highest quality connection between terminals and cables.















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