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New Year update


It´s the start of a new year and we would like to wish everyone the best for 2017.

The Christmas period was a busy one for us, but we have now recovered, and are looking forward to the coming year. Some of you may have noticed that we have ´no stock´ of both versions of our Lenco bearing, as well as, our spindle extensions. We had hoped to have more of both items before Christmas, but due to delays with parts this just didn´t happen. We now expect to have new stock by the middle of the month, perhaps even a little earlier.

We spent some of our free time over the Christmas holidays in the workshop continuing to play with our new power cables.


This is a 0.5m version of the cable with PET braided sleeving. The cable has now been in our main test setup on our tube preamp for the past week, and we are really happy with the results. We now have the power cables on both preamp and amplifier, and these offer a nice improvement on the standard IEC/Schuko power cables they replaced.

The addition of the PET sleeving makes the cable more aesthetically pleasing to our eyes, and the final product will now use this. We are waiting for the arrival of heat-shrink labels, and shipping boxes. Once these arrive the power cable will be available to order in the shop. We had originally planned to do stock cables at 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m in length, but after some discussion have settled on 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.5m. We will be more than happy to make up custom length cables if longer versions are needed. Just use the online contact form to request a quote.

There are a number of new items on the workbench waiting for testing which should appear in the shop over the next couple of months. If anyone has suggestions for products they would like to see in the shop please let us know.



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