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More Power!

We have just put together our first prototype power lead. It is in the early stage of development and the final product may look different. What will not be changing are the main components.


The power lead uses LAPP Ölflex Classic SY cable. This is a high quality power and control cable with 3 x 2.5mm2  fine-strand copper conductors, and using PVC outer and inner sheaths. The cable is terminated using quality Schuko and IEC plugs with gold plated solid copper connectors. At the moment we are only working with the Schuko connector used in European countries, but we are happy to add UK plugs if there is sufficient interest.

The prototype cable is now being tested in our system to evaluate its performance, and to see  how it holds up to day-to-day use. The construction of the power lead is fairly straight forward, but there are a few different options for assembling the lead, and we will be looking to see which provides the best finished product.

If no problems arise during testing, we expect the cable to be available in the shop within the next week. The power lead will be available in three different lengths, 1.0m, 1.5m, and 2.0m. We will also be happy to build custom length leads to suit clients needs.

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