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Cables, cables, and more cables

As winter closes in here in the south of Spain work switches to jobs indoors. With cable stocks running low we thought it a good time to spend a couple of mornings in the workshop making up a new batch of cables.

These El Cid MkII cables are our most popular and, in our opinion, one of the best value cable currently available. Along with this batch of cables we also sourced some new packaging which we think improves the final presentation of the product without adding to the final price.


As well as the El Cid´s we also put together a few prototype cables using the same wire as the EL Cid, but using our special acoustic braid to sleeve the finished cables. This variation of the El Cid has been on the drawing board for a while, but it has taken us a bit of time to get around to building these. We will be trialling them over the next few weeks to see if we like them, and whether they should become a regular product in our shop.


While in the workshop we came across a box of really nice RCA phono connectors. These were purchased while searching for a high quality phono plugs to use with our line silver cables. These are solid copper locking plugs, and are really nice. We didn´t end up using these on our El Coto cables because the distributor could not guarantee a continued supply. It seemed a waste to leave these in their boxes, so we decided to built some ´one-off´, or ´limited edition´ cables. We have built 4 sets of 1 meter cables using the same coaxial wire found in the El Cid range of cables, and sleeved in our acoustic braid.



These will be appearing in the shop soon.

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