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the lencomotion audio SUT is finally here

The first unit was finished today, and is now going through testing and a short burn-in period. We have made a number of design changes since the prototype units were built, and these have improved the sound of the units, as well as, the appearance.

The finished product uses Lundahl LL9226 transformers which are mounted in a special damping compound. This compound isolates the transformers from external vibration, as well as, damping any internal vibrations from the transformer coils. Wiring is point-to-point using our four-nines solid silver wire, sleeved in Teflon tubing, and using high silver content solder for all joints.

2016-03-23 20.48.38

2016-03-23 20.49.08

The SUT can be built with a variety of cartridge loadings and gain options (14, 16 and 26dB), including a switched option allowing the selection of three different load settings. The price for the base unit is 315.00€ with an extra 20.00€ for the switched loading option.

The SUT should be available to order in the shop within the next 24-48 hours. For any further information, please feel free to contact us using the ´contact form´ on the site.

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