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moving coil step up transformers

A couple weeks ago a small package arrived here at lencomotion audio. The contents? Moving coil step-up transformers from Lundahl in Sweden.

We have put together two test builds, one using the LL1678 transformer, the second using the LL9226 model. The initial remit was to build a SUT which was tailored for the Denon DL-103 cartridge, but which could be adapted easily to suit other low to medium output moving coil cartridges.


Over the past week we have been listening to the two SUT´s, and playing with various ratios and loading scenarios. Until these Lundahl´s came along, the favoured SUT on our test setup with the Denon DL-103r was the CineMag 3440. The Lunhahl LL9226  based SUT properly loaded is, we feel, a significant improvement on the CineMag´s, providing a more balanced and transparent presentation. The CineMag´s tend towards a more forward, and slightly aggressive presentation, whereas the Lundahl´s are more relaxed and natural sounding. The Lundahl transformers are close to invisible in the system, and the sound is much closer to a high quality solid state MC stage then a tradition passive step-up.


There is a bit more tweaking to do before we decide on final configurations. The finished units will have nicer enclosures with the option for variable secondary loading. All internal wiring will solid, single core 4 nines silver in PTFE tubing. We hope to have a more finished unit for testing sometime in the next couple of weeks. Once we get our basic SUT finished, we will be looking at building units using some of Lundahls higher spec´d transformers.

The basic SUT using the LL1678 or LL9226 transformers will be priced in the region of 350.00€ depending on cost of enclosures. The configuration used in the test units would be cheaper to produce, but we are looking to produce a finished product which is more aesthetically pleasing. If there are folks out there that would be happy with the build as shown above please let us know, and we will consider offering this as a cheaper complete build, or as a DIY kit.

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