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a new year

A happy New Year to all from us here at lencomotion audio. The last few weeks have been hectic, with a trip to Canada, but we are back to work Monday the 11th, and we will be hitting the ground running.

First on the agenda will be some new cables, both interconnects, and speaker cables. These should be available in the store by the end of January/beginning of February. The timing is dependant on us receiving parts currently on back order.

Once the new cables are sorted, we will be turning our attention to the development of our new SUT. We have finished testing the prototype, and are waiting on final pricing for some of the parts. Look for the SUT to appear in the store by the end of February.

In all, 2016 looks like being a busy year here at lencomotion audio. The first quarter will see the release of a number of new products designed and built by us. In addition, we are talking with a number of distributors in the hope of adding some new third party products to the store.

Once we have our feet back under the workbench we will have a better idea of product timelines.

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