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cables, and more cables

The last couple of days have been a busy time in the workshop. A big chunk of time was spent finishing a prototype pair of speaker cables which are now being tested in our listening room. If all goes well, these should be appearing in the shop in early January. The initial listening results are promising, and things should only get better once we receive the banana plugs we plan on using to terminate the cables.


The rest of the time in the workshop was spent trying to get ahead of orders for cables. We are now back to having stock on the shelves of all cable types, and lengths. This should let us get on with more development work, as well as, rebuilding a number of vintage tonearms.


Some of the more eagle eyed out there may notice that none of the boxed cables have capacitance figures listed. This is due to a technical fault with our equipment. The capacitance meter needs some new batteries.

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