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El Cid MkII tonearm cable

Since the launch of our original El Cid interconnect we have been asked by clients on a number of occasions to make matching tonearm cables. Having now found a supply of high quality, affordable, 5-pin DIN connectors we can now offer this as a regular item in our shop.




The interconnect uses a coaxial type cable with a 7-strand silver plated copper internal core in PTFE dialectic. The cable is low capacitance at 63 pF/m and is ideally suited for phono interconnects, and systems using passive pre-amplifiers. It also sounds excellent when used with active pre-amps and other system components as well. The cable also offers good shielding,providing a very ow noise floor.

The standard cable is approximately 1 metre in length, but we can make cables to other lengths on request.

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