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silk wrapped 4N solid silver tonearm rewiring kit


We have now added a solid silver tonearm wiring kit to our store. This features our  0.2mm 99.99% pure solid silver wire, which is double wrapped in pure silk. Also included in the kit are our gold plated cartridge tags, high silver content solder, and coloured heat-shrink tubing to give your rewiring job a professional finish.

This is an excellent upgrade for your tonearm. The solid core silver wire provides exceptional conductivity, resulting in a low impedance, and capacitance, allowing for better control of critical cartridge loading.


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El Coto MkII silver interconnects

Following a long period of development we are pleased to announce our new, top of the range, silver audio interconnects – the El Coto MkII.

These cables use the same 4 nines solid silver cores in PTFE tubing as the original El Coto. As with the originals, three cores are hand braided to produce the finished length of cable. The MkII cable, however, is finished with our new ´acoustic damping´ sleeving material, and fitted with our best quality RCA phono plugs.


The phono plugs used on the El Coto MkII cables are high quality Silver Plated Tellurium Copper with black anodized aluminum body. For comparison the majority of phono connectors on the market are made from brass or bronze having a conductivity index (IACS) 56% against the 98/99% for Tellurium Copper. These are our top of the range phono plugs, and a perfect match for this high-end cable.