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stacked platters and the bearing

I finally got around to having a spindle extension made, so decided it would be a good opportunity to test the Lencomotion bearing with stacked platters. In theory, there is no problem running the bearing with the extra weight of a second platter, but I always like to test any theory. So, here is the new test setup.



I plan to let this setup run for another 100 hours, and then pull the bearing and check for any signs of excessive wear. I will also be looking at the oil for discolouration and particulates.

The turntable that is being used is my main listening deck so at between 3 and 4 hours a day I should get to that 100 hours by the end of August.

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Bearing update

My original lencomotion test bearing now has over 100 hours on it, so I thought it was time to pull it apart and see how it looked. I was primarily interested in the bearing oil. I wanted to see if there was any discoloration, or particulates in the oil.

Once dismantled, I checked the spindle, ball bearing and thrust plate for obvious signs of wear and, as expected, found none. The old oil was decanted from the bearing into a white porcelain dish, and then compared to a similar amount of oil in another dish. The results can be seen in this photo.


The oils in the two dishes look identical, and there is no particulate matter in the old bearing oil.

As expected with this bearing design there is no run-in time needed. The oil should not become discoloured as a result of wear, and should not contain any particulates form the bearing spindle, body or ball bearing.

The bearing is now back in the turntable where it will be left for another 100+ hours before it is pulled for another checkup.

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suppression capacitor

On offer are replacement suppression capacitors for Lenco motors.  These replace the 3900pf brown capacitors found wired across the switch on Lenco turntables.

A common symptom of capacitor failure is the inability to switch off the motor. Another symtom is a loud ´pop´ from the speakers when turning off the turntable.

These replacement units are 3300pf X1/Y1 250V safety/supression capacitors with insulated leads. The insulated leads make installation easy and safe as there is no exposed wire once installed.

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the lencomotion bearing

The remit for this project was to produce a replacement for the original Lenco bearing, but making use of modern materials and manufacturing processes. The original bearing, while good for its time, does have its limitations. The Lencomotion bearing is a bling free, no nonsense, replacement which offers a significant reduction in background noise, and longevity. It is effectively maintenance free and requires no extended run-in period to achieve optimal performance.


The bearing chassis is precision-machined from a solid billet of high-spec aluminium alloy designed for high strength, durability and mechanical stability. It is affixed to the turntable chassis via stainless steel fasteners, according to the original Lenco layout.

The bearing shaft is precision-machined from a modern, hardened chromium-vanadium steel, whose mating surface is then precision ground to micron tolerances.

The bearing bushes are Teflon-faced, steel-backed precision bushes, whose internal dimensions are closely matched to the external dimension of the bearing shaft – to create an ideal clearance for this specific application.

The bearing thrust ball is an aerospace-specified, chromium-steel ball, a material chosen for its durability and suitability in conjunction with its mating thrust pad.


The thrust pad is machined from a solid billet of high-carbon steel, induction-hardened and precision ground to micron tolerances. It is affixed to the bearing chassis via stainless steel fasteners and sealed with an oil-resistant gasket compound.

The bearing is offered in two formats; standard Lenco top plate, and a PTP version, and comes with a 20ml bottle of Lencomotion bearing oil.

This bearing is supplied with a no nonsense, money back guarantee.